2018 Registration

Registration is due by May 1, 2018
for the 2018 Season

Welcome to SYC Junior Sailing

 Welcome back to another summer of sailing at the Southampton Yacht Club!

DATES: Our B-week Southampton Yacht Club (SHYC) sailing program runs from MONDAY June 26th - Friday, August 18th, 2017 .  Junior Sailors can participate for the full eight (8) week program, cost of $1,194.88, or choose to  sail for  four (4) weeks.  Please note that  the full season  is the  best value. I f  you sign up for  a single session and during the summer your child wants to complete a second session. the cost will be $814.69 for EACH SESSI ON. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS since we have to staff the program accordingly. (The four-week programs will run from June 26th- July 21st, 2017 and again from July 24th- Aug 18th, 2017.)

Scheduled Days of NO class: No classes will be held on Tuesday, July 4th in addition to Thursday, July 13th, Loser/Sunfish/420 and Friday, July 14th Opti (This is due to our Peconic Gardiners Junior Sailing Association  Invitational  Regatta). Although  no classes will be held, everyone can participate in the regatta. There may be other days when no classes are held if many sailors are  participating  in some regattas.

Who is a Beginner? 1st year sailors, age 8 and  up, who have never sailed  before or who have very little experience sailing. They will sail in the club boats OR in their own boat.  The morning session is also for 2nd and 3rd year sailors who need to learn more skills, who wont to learn how to sail their own boat and become more confident in their sailing for pleasure, or who want to learn about racing. These classes are primarily held out in front of  the  yacht club on Fort Pond Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.

Who is an Intermediate & Advanced Sailor? These returning sailors have confidence in handling their boat on the water and want  to  learn  more sailing skills albeit for  pleasure or for  racing.  All Intermediate and  Advanced sailors have their own 420, Laser or Optimist and want to sail out in Shinnecock Bay in more challenging winds and conditions. The more serious sailor will be taught sailing drills and will compete in regattas. Intermediate and  Advanced sailing instruction  is Monday -  Friday 1:00p.m. - 5:00 p.m. If  you have a question about  where to  place your  child, we can assure you that safety  comes first... we will arrange to have an instructor sail with your child to assess their skills so that they are not put in a situation they are not prepared for. We also take into consideration  experience, age,  weight  requirements, and sailing skills in determining placement . Be aware that even if  your  child has any trepidation, the instructors know how to gently guide them along and get  the  kids out on the  water every day in all conditions .  The sailors make terrific progress over the  course of  the  8  weeks and you'll see  their confidence build. For those returning sailors, you are expected to have your own boat.  So Mom or Dad, if you have a boat for sale, to share or to rent, please let  us know at  the  following email: irsailingsyc@gmail.com, and we will forward it to our club parents. 

PARENT OF THE DAY (POD) Having a parent ·on deck" and ready to field radio messages, phone calls, and serve as 'guardians of the porch' is a vital part of the SHYC Junior Sailing Program. For safety reasons, we  need a Parent of the Day EVERYDAY! We are  going to  utilize the  Volunteer Spot program for  you to schedule your time commitment ; this program  will also send out reminders to  you.  We really need to  count on you to be t here. Please find another  parent substitute if  you cannot fulfill  your  volunteer  Parent  of  the Day obligation.

If  you are  not volunteering  as  a Parent  of  the  Day, we ask that you please drop your  kids off. It  is important  to  separate  from the  kids so that  the  instructors  con  begin  the  day  of  sailing  instruct ion, and the  sailors focus on rigging their  boats as soon as  they arrive. If  your child  is unsure of sailing, please alert an instructor.  If  your boat needs repairs, please let an instructor know.

VOLUNTEERING Southampton Yacht Club is a hands-on, working-membership yacht club, so we need parental  involvement at  our events to  chaperone,  make lunches , help with our  own regatta, etc. Please sign up when asked. Volunteering at the Club is also a great way to get to know other parents. Please go to www.volunteerspot.com and enter Southampton Yacht Club Junior Sailing to sign up. We greatly appreciate your help. Any Doctors or Nurses on Board? We will need many volunteers at  our Regatta on July 13th and 14th,  2017.  We also need Safety  Boots for  our regatta .

TRAILERING YOUR BOAT TO A REGATTA We encourage all sailors to participate in as many regattas as they  feel  comfortable . Regattas are  a great  way to  practice sailing  and  have fun  with other sailors from other  East  End yacht clubs. As a  reminder, it  is the  parent's responsibility to  get  their  child and  t heir  boat to all regattas.  All parents  usually  pitch in and help each other out. Let  us know on the  registration sheet  if you have the ability to tow a trailer, if you own a trailer and how willing you ore to help transport any other sailors' boat to a  regatta. 

SAVE THE DATE: SUNDAY. JUNE 25TH 5 p.m. At our Junior Sailing Orientation Day we will be reviewing all registration  paperwork, handing out program t-shirts, introducing our Instructors for the 2017 season, doing safety checks on all boats. and answering any questions you may have about the program. Junior Sailors should bring their boats down to the club this day if the  boats are not already t here .

Geoffrey Loffredo will return as our Sailing Director t his seas on. At Geoff's direct ion will be full time sailing instructors.

Full time sailing instructors:

Nikos Tsirogiorgis

Thomas Poganucci

Ted Jennings

Peter Barron

Part time sailing instructors:

Gabe Hannon

Hunter Stump

James Vickery


Henry Bennett

Sarah Schuringa

As always, we look forward to the stewardship of Chris Wiecks.


PECONIC GAR0INERS Junior Sailing Association (PGJSA ) is a local association that supports all junior sailors on the East End of Long Island by encouraging junior sailors to experience t he joy of  sailing and promoting the Corinthian spirit among all who participate.  Membership  in this Association is required for  a $25 fee/sailor.  This fee  is included  in our program fee  this year.  www.pgjsa.org

EASTERN LONG ISLAND SAIUNG ASSOCIATION (ELISA) is another local organization that promotes sailing on eastern Long Island  waters  both  recreationally and competitively  believing it  is  healthy, constructive and a benefit to the community. Check out their website: www.elisailing.org . They have traditionally  organized  the  Smythe,  Bemis and Sears regattas as.

US SAILING is the National Governing Body for  the  sport of sailing.  US Sailing's mission is  to provide leadership for  the sport of  sailing  in the  United States and is a wonderful  way to  inspire your young sailor. US Sailing membership is encouraged for any PGJSA regatta and may be required for regattas  hosted  by other yacht  clubs.  www.ussailing.org

Boat Identification We do require that a SVC sticker, provided by us at Registration, be printed with a permanent marker with the member's name for identification purposes. This sticker will be placed on the transom of your boat. We also suggest that all additional equipment be identified as well. This would include spars, sails, rudders, tillers, blades and your "milk crate" . Sailors may bring a milk crate for the locker room so you can store your life jacket, spare towel, sailing shoes and sunscreen so that you do not bring things back and forth each day.

Be sure to have your sailboat  numbers affixed  to your sail.  Optimists  all come with sailing  numbers; Sunfish, Laser, and Club 420  class association  membership  is required  in order  to get sailboat  numbers. These sailboat  numbers are  required  if  your sailor  competes at  regattas. Membership  in these Associations is also wonderful  way to  keep your sailor excited about sailing  in regard to  their  particular class of boat.

Throughout the year, emails and mailings come to them with lots of great information about different regattas offered all over the United States including Long Island. The sailing associations offer great sailing/racing tips, where to buy sailing gear, etc.

Optimist Dinghy Association: www.usoda .org

420 Association:  www.club420 .org   

Laser  Association: www.laser.org

Sunfish: www.sunfishclass.org

REGISTRATION Please complete the application forms and the waiver forms available on the website www.southamptonyachtclub.org and return these forms with your payment as soon as  possible . We require the waiver form to be completed before each sailor starts the program. The waiver  form  has critical information (e.g. a sailor's medical insurance , allergies, parent contact information, etc.).

No sailor will be allowed to begin  the  sailing  program  without a  completed  waiver form In addition, all sailors must bring closed toed  shoes,  sunscreen,  water,  and a towel to sailing instruction.  Hats,  polarized  sunglasses,  and  shirts  are  also recommended for  sun protection.

All required forms are due by May 1, 2017. Our program fills up fast . We look forward to meeting you and your sailor(s) on Sunday June 25th at 5 p.m! Refreshments will be served.


Your Junior Sailing Committee... Carole Read Bennett, Chair

Melanie Cirillo, Addie Hale, Angela Boyer Stump, and Deborah Van Zijl Susan Jennings, Colleen Markley, Christine Vickery and Allison Schuringa

SYC Junior Sailing Forms